Process Architecture and Review

If your turn-around times are slipping, or the budget keeps getting exceeded, we will help review your processes, and propose strategies and plans for turn-around. Often, our clients don’t need more money or people to achieve their goals, just simpler, more efficient processes. We review, design, develop, and implement processes and systems that streamlines your organisation, and brings tangible value to you.

System, Application, and Web Development

Code drives the modern world. Whether it is an application, a device, a web site, or your TV, it runs on code. Our developers love code, they build applications and systems, integrate hardware and software, create web services and sites; in fact they thrive anything that relates to code.

Hardware and Robotics

At some point, code and processes have to interact with the “real world”. That is where our robotics engineers come in. Along with the software developers, build and integrate devices that turn, spin, ring, jump, buzz, lock, drive, and anything else you need.

Maintenance & Support

A well-oiled machine needs to be continuously well-oiled. Once a solution has been implemented, we continue supporting and maintaining the solution, to make sure you retain your efficiency and keep running smoothly.